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Hey abby is coming to Thailand!


Hey abby is the world's first automated grow box, created by a tech team in Southern California, USA. After being introduced by the "canna" godfather, "Dope as Yola," it quickly went viral in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.

Hey abby is a fully AI-powered DWC system that allows everyone to grow their own buds at home with no soil or experience needed, generating up to $2,000 worth of buds in one growing cycle.

Hey abby has been referred to as the "Green Miracle" by many growers, and now the miracle is coming to Thailand, with plans to open its first flagship store in Bangkok by the end of 2024.

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Which Hey abby is right for you?

420 Edition

Perfect for home growers seeking a user-friendly experience that requires minimal effort and set up

Hey abby 420 edition grow box

$499 $699

As low as $27/mo.

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OG Edition

Suited for experienced growers seeking frequent plant interaction and increased upkeep for maximum yield

Hey abby OG grow box

$829 $1074

As low as $46/mo.

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Black Edition

The Ultimate grow gox designed for pro growers, super powered by Samsung LM301H EVO


$1099 $1599

Start to ship Apr, 2024

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What is the 420 Edition?

We wanted to make a grow box that provided users with Hey abby quality, but at a more affordable price. Many of our growers don’t require the super hi-tech aspects to Hey abby. We removed the digital interface, the viewing window, and the height sensors, which are not essential to someone seeking a simple growing experience. With our 420 Edition, you now get to grow plants easily from home, whatever your budget.