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Address: 3505 Cadillac Ave, Costa Mesa CA 92626 USA

Toll Free: +1 (888)621-4777

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Bulk Order and wholesale:

We receive a large number of inquiries every day. To ensure that your inquiry is handled quickly, please follow the instructions below to contact the appropriate department.

Consumer Inquiries

General Inquiries

For general product questions, please refer to our FAQs, if you still have any question, please use our online chat system.

Order Related Inquiries

For order related questions, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Technique Support

If you've already activated the grow box in the Hey Abby app, please use the app's 1-on-1 support to chat with a product expert instead of emailing customer service.

We also encourage you to use the help center to resolve the issue quickly.

Grower Community

Join our discord server here, one of the best communities for growers worldwide.

Our focus is on sharing growing experiences rather than providing customer support. Please note that we can not assist with order-related inquiries on Discord. Instead, kindly use the designated customer channels to connect with the appropriate team members.

Brand Ambassadors

Spread the word and earn. Join our Hey abby Brand Ambassador Program. You'll have the opportunity to get a 5% to 8% commission.

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Business Inquiries

Existing business partners please login

Hey abby business partners are prohibited from using the "Hey abby" related keywords for Google/bing search ads to drive traffic. This measure ensures brand consistency, prevents potential confusion among consumers and conflict of interests.

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