Extended Warranty Purchase Application

If you have purchased the Hey abby grow box in the last 90 days and want to add an extended warranty, please kindly fill in this application. Our insurance supplier will review the form and send you an invoice via email for payment. After the payment is complete, your warranty will be extended.

Please note this application is not guaranteed to be approved by our insurance supplier, for more infomation about the extended warranty, please visit here.

Reference Price

420 Edition 2-Year Plan$45.99
420 Edition 3-Year Plan$63.99
420 Edition 4-Year Plan$94.99
OG Edition 2-Year Plan$71.99
OG Edition 3-Year Plan$100.99
OG Edition 4-Year Plan$118.99
Soil Edition 2-Year Plan$45.99
Soil Edition 3-Year Plan$63.99
Soil Edition 4-Year Plan$94.99
Black Edition 2-Year Plan$98.99
Black Edition 3-Year Plan$141.99
Black Edition 4-Year Plan$177.99

*Price subject to final confirmation.

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