The Hey abby Team - May 10 2023

2023 So Far:
How We've Optimized The Hey abby Experience

At Hey abby, we take your feedback to heart. At the close of 2022, we listened to your ideas and designed the 2023 roadmap of everything we wanted to accomplish to improve the Hey abby growing experience. Below is a look at what we've accomplished so far this year:

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Q1 Improvements

Starting in 2023, our Grower Protection Plan kicked off to ensure that growers can continue using their devices no matter what. Protecting our users' investment is our top priority and we continue to fund this plan monthly. As of early May 2023, the fund has more than $1500 set aside and counting.

In early January, we also addressed the light leakage issue by updating the device hardware, specifically repositioning the door lock system to the center of the doorframe. This new design allowed for a tighter fit and reduced the frequency of light leak issues. In the same month, we updated our fertilizer packaging to avoid the pods sticking together. We also adjusted the formula to make the fertilizer even more soluble, thus enhancing nutrient uptake.

Due to the growing demand, our team implemented a function to improve multi-device management within the Hey abby app. To better support our beginner growers, we also put together a comprehensive online Grow Guide as well as over 60+ articles in the Hey abby Instant Help Center.

Q2 Improvements

We celebrated our one-year anniversary and 420 with a few treats. The first was the introduction of our Hey abby smart fan and humidifier. Most recently, we've also added our Hey abby Microscope Lens to our accessories page. Users were also invited to take part in our Discord Grower Journal event, documenting their journeys from Day 1 all the way up to harvest.

In late March, the long-awaited Pro Mode app function was also released, enabling experienced growers to control the lights/fans/air pump based on their preferences. This is the first version of Pro Mode, with future updates planned for a later date.

Finally, we've added more than 10 videos to the Hey abby growing journey. Our Grow Like a Pro series offers pointers for executing growing techniques and how to best utilize their abby resources for an optimal growing experience.

What's Next?

We've got a lot in store for our growing community. Everything from community building to additional accessories. Be sure to stay tuned for what's to come!

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