The Hey abby Team - Jan 17 2023

Hey abby 2023: Upgrade Announcement

Through listening to our community feedback and understanding our customer’s experience and needs, we have upgraded many aspects of the Hey abby Grow Box. We have improved its durability and functionality, redesigning the interface, and fixing many of our community's issues. We have improved the Hey abby nutrient formula and packaging, providing a better feeding experience. And finally, we have redesigned the seed kit to be reusable and easier to use. At Hey abby we are always looking to innovate in order to provide the best possible user experience for our growers.

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Upgraded Grow Box

Reduced Light Leakage

We redesigned the door and repositioned the new lock system to the center of the frame. This enabled our designers to minimize the gap between the door and the frame and reduce the light leakage coming from inside the box when the light is on.

Sensor Cover

Some growers reported to us that when watering their plants the environmental sensors were being damaged through water contact. We have added a new impermeable sensor cover to prevent this from happening. 

Redesigned Hardware

The Hey abby Grow Box is designed to provide a growing experience that is both stylish and functional. Hooks have been added to the tank to make it more user-friendly when changing water, and the fan section has been redesigned to be more aesthetic to our users.

Orders starting from Dec 31 2022 will receive the updated version. 

Updated Subscription Box

Our subscription package has been redesigned to improve your growing experience. Nutrients and growing sponges have both been improved to provide easier and more durable usage. Subscription box includes:

  •  Carbon Filter  x2
  • Updated Silver Nutrient Pack  x1
  • Updated Gold Nutrient Pack  x1
  • Cubic grow sponge  x1 
  • Circular grow sponge
  • Reusable grow basket  x1

Silver Packaging 

The silver packaging enabled growers to put the packets into the water. Unfortunately, this was leading to some moisture retention issues that caused the packaging to become sticky and unusable. The new packaging is now highly resistant to water absorption, removing the issue of packaging becoming damaged from humidity in the air. 

With this packaging update, growers now need to cut the packaging and directly pour the nutrients into the water tank. They do not place the plastic packaging into the water. The original feeding dock is no longer required and the feeding guide will be updated in the app shortly.

Gold Nutrients

The Gold Nutrient formula has been redeveloped to a finer powder, making it more soluble within the water, and thus better enhancing nutrient uptake for your plants.

Gold Nutrients: Starting from Dec 31 2022 , new customers will receive the subscription box with updated packaging.

Existing Customer: If you have issues with the silver nutrients (sticky, congealed), please contact for a free replacement. We will start to ship the replacement Jan 22 2023. If you are under subscription with Hey abby, you wil receive the updated version in your next shipment.

Accessory Improvements 

Reusable Seedkit

At Hey abby we strive towards a greener future for our growers. We have redesigned the Hey abby seed kit to be reusable, making it more durable, eco-friendly and easier to use.

Starting from Dec 31, 2022, growers will receive the Reusable Seedkit with their Grow Box purchase. For existing growers who require the kit, you can obtain it for free (excluding $4.99 shipping). Limited to 1 grower each. See details here:

We would like to thank all of the growing community for their continued support and feedback. At Hey abby, we innovate and upgrade based upon your experience, and we will continue striving to give you the best growing journey possible.

This is our Hey abby 2023 Road Map: 

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