The abby Team - Sep 19 2022

Tech YouTuber Introduces abby

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"I can guarantee you guys have never seen anything quite like this in your life"

The abby grow box made an appearance on the TechSource YouTube channel. Edgar Oganesyan (TechSource) is a Russian-American YouTuber who reviews tech products for his millions of followers. Here are the highlights from his review:

"This is basically a portable garden" 

As he wheeled the device into his living room, TechSource pointed out that: "a lot of us don't have access to a nice backyard with natural sunlight to grow plants or vegetables— but with the grow box, you can basically bring the garden into any room in the house." 

"The plant basically grows itself"

TechSource also introduced abby's automatic intelligent lighting and full-time monitoring system. He explains that "the built-in sensors offer instant reminders to help you with plant care through the abby software on your app."

"This is exactly what you're looking for!"

As he closed out his review, the Tech YouTuber told his followers: "if you guys have been wanting to grow plants or vegetables for the longest time, but you don't have the space for it- then this is exactly what you're looking for!"

Our team would like to thank TechSource for featuring abby on his channel. Be sure to check out the full video here

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