The abby Team - Oct 11 2022

Tech Editor Tries Out abby

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“People were excited about this grow box and it is easy to see why”

A former mechanical designer by profession, Cameron Coward is new to the growing world and recently tested out the abby grow box. Below, we’ve listed the highlights of his review. 

1“The companion app walks you through every step of the process, which helps a lot”

As a beginner grower, Coward admitted that the initial setup can seem overwhelming. However, he was pleasantly surprised how the ‘hey abby’ app helped ease the process along. From the WiFi setup to the preparation of the plant and adding the initial nutrients. Coward points out that “after the initial setup, abby requires very little attention…the grow box can handle everything on its own."

2"The plant adjusted to the hydroponic system and now it is thriving"

At the time of his publication, Coward's plant was three weeks old. Thus far, he reports seeing an abundance of leaf and stem growth and expressed confidence that his plant will flower down the road. We look forward to further updates on his growing journey!

3 “I think the abby smart grow box is a fantastic choice.”

In his closing remarks, Coward recommended abby to users who are looking for “an automated experienced in an attractive package”. He claimed abby is for the growers who plan to grow for personal use and wish to have a 'streamlined experience'. 

We'd like to thank Coward for taking the time to review abby. Our team has already taken notes and made plans to improve accordingly. We've since added more interaction components to our in-app community for improved user interaction and collaboration. These features allow our users to comment, like each other's posts, and reward content with digital tokens. We also continue to grow our discord server where growers have been helping each other and sharing their work. This dynamic community represents what we want for our product: to bring people together in their growing journeys.

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