Thank you! We made it together!

About 15 months ago, when we gathered a focus group of indoor growers, many of them described how difficult it is for them to start their home garden, and they worked together on the whiteboard, painted their dream device. We wanted to share the picture with you today. It's where we started.

whiteboard idea from focus group

From this picture to a sophisticated all-in-one smart device, we went a long way. As a startup company making an innovative product, every step was challenging, especially the supply chain. We visited more than 1,000 suppliers and finally got 70 of them on board to build abby together. Yes, you heard right, it requires 70 different suppliers for all parts . Our engineers spent too many sleepless nights and literally lived in the factory to make it happen, and with only a 5-people app team, we are able to deliver a fun journey to abby users that you are not growing alone. You will share ideas and experiences and grow together!

We are very proud of what we have done with a small team, and we cannot do it without the amazing support and love from the online growing communities, our growing consultants, the manufacturing partners, our backers on kickstarter, and everyone of you.

What's next?

  • The first 100 abby units are heading towards LA port, arriving by early Jun.
  • The next shipment will arrive LA port by mid July.
  • We'll continue to keep everyone updated and post some dev logs.
  • Besides the full payment option, an 18 mo. financing plan is available now. You can select Klarna payment during check out, and the monthly payment is as low as $56.  
  • If you have any other questions, please email us at
  • We invite all the backers to join our discord server to help us continue improving the product.

Again, thank you all for the support, and we hope you will enjoy indoor growing with abby.

abby Team
Product Team: HC, Shawn, Flynn, Phat, Vingo, Tom, Kevin, Chou, Hank, Jimmy, BZ, Leon, Tiger, Vison, Ryan, Reese
Design/Creative Team: Sky, SY, Alvin, Michael, Annie, AL, Peiz
App Team: Steven, CZ, Koma, Molly, XL

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