The abby Team - Oct 25 2022

Newest App Update
Will Offer Personalized Growing Experience

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The abby Team is proud to announce our newest app update: 'hey abby' iOS version 2.6.0 and Android version 1.1.0. Please note, this version is a required upgrade. After updating, the app will ask if you are growing a photo or auto plant. Based on your selection, the system will then generate the appropriate growing plan. Rest assured, your selection will not affect your current growing progress. Upon updating your app, you can expect the following features:

1Growing Calendar : offers an overview of your growing plan, and lets you set up calendar reminders

2Schedule Planting Tasks : allows you to advance or delay planting tasks, according to your schedule and specific strain

3Auto/Photo Distinction : offers more planting schedule personalization

4Start-from-Seed Function : allows you to start your journey from seed germination

We've also made the following additions to improve your overall user experience:

  • Segmented draining process
  • Easy-to-follow training tutorials
  • Added How-To content for the settings page
  • Added growing tips that will display when changing water

The abby Team would like to thank all of our growers for their feedback and continued support. We hope that this app update will offer you more personalization for each of your growing journeys. We're eager to hear your thoughts on this new release, and we'll keep working hard to improve with each update. 

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