The Hey abby Team - Feb 20 2023

Multi-Device Experience Optimized

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Managing multiple Hey abby devices just got easier! With our newest app update, users will be able to monitor multiple growing environments all from a single page. You can access your device management center by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Each device display will show the respective growth stage, environmental status, and subscription validity period. Users can also personalize each device by selecting "Change Profile".

To view a specific profile, simply select a device on the management page and click the back button. From the home screen, you can also click the side arrows to view your different growing environments.

Our team took grower feedback to heart and hopes this upgrade will make the user experience smoother for those using multiple devices. We will keep doing our best to improve your experience day by day! You can learn more about the Hey abby Grow Box here.

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