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Featured In High Times - May 09 2022

Introducing abby digital assets

Introducing abby digital assets

Growing plants with abby is fun, and it is more fun to grow together in the community. Our first step is to make growing easy enough to let everyone start without any hassle. Thanks to our amazing team and partners, we made it.

The next step is to find out how to create a dynamic that is rewarding, engaging and motivating to the growers to continue the good job, and make meaningful connections with one another. We'd like to share some ideas with you guys first.
(Some of those haven't been fully implemented yet.)

Oxygen Token

As we know, the plant inhales CO2 and exhales oxygen. We brought oxygen tokens in hey abby app for growers to collect. There are two ways to collect the token . One is to keep growing the plant, and you'll be rewarded with tokens, and the other way is to share your content in the community.

How to use oxygen token? You can decide to give oxygen token to a community member when you like his/her content. Or you can donate it to a charity fund (work-in- progress), or simply apply for discount on abby subscription or accessories.

Digital Collectible Card

Our in-house artists are creating seasonal themes for collectible cards. For example, we recently released a chilli outfit for abby elf for Cinco de Mayo 2022. Those growers who purchased abby during that time will be rewarded with this card. You can review it in your collection in the hey abby app. In the future, it will be tradable with oxygen tokens. At the early stage, all the digital assets are limited to small QTY, so it might be worth tons of oxygen tokens in future. Who knows :)

It certainly feels great when you show the card in the community or during the season.

Profile Avatar

Using a limited edition avatar and posting your story in the community is a very
unique experience.
This is a small touch we added to your growing journey.

Knob Screen Animation

Everyone enjoys the screen display for abby . It is perfect for displaying the abby elf. You can simply sync the animation to the screen so that everytime you open the door, it's there for you. It's a great way to personalize your abby experiences.

Ground Rules

To avoid conflict of interest, our employees (including former employees) will have no access to digital assets. And all the limited edition assets will not be issued again.

What's the upcoming assets?

We are working on founder assets for those who backed us on Kickstarer . They trusted and supported us unconditionally and made the project work . We will be forever grateful for their support.

There will be about 100 founder assets to be issued in June, and will never be issued again, so those assets are pretty rare. Keep them safe!

What's next?

Have you dreamt about owning a farm? Perhaps we can make it happen,
in...metaland LOL.

Your feedback and suggestions

A meta farm is not built in a day, so please stay tuned and let us do one thing at a time.
Any suggetion on how to make it more fun? Please kindly shoot us your ideas at

 Grow Together With The
Abby Community 

Within our community of gardeners,you can share planting diaries, discuss skills,and participate in community activities to win oxygen rewards!

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