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“ If you’re looking to grow your own plant in your own house, you can do it right here with abby. Grow any plant you want! ”

Sakitech is an American youtuber that covers the hottest gear in the tech world, and focuses on tips, tricks and tutorials. The Pennisylvania-based creator recently introduced his followers to the abby grow box, walking them through the initial setup of the device. 

“ abby is designed to provide sunlight, flowing water, and breezing air all in one. ”

Saki explained to his viewers that abby is an automatic grow box, which means she provides all the elements a plant needs to grow. 

" Step by step instructions on exactly what to do. ”

He walked viewers through the 'hey abby' app's step-by-step guide to position the clone in the grow box and feed the plant for the first time.

“ The best part is anyone can do it! " 

In his own words, Saki described abby as "full-proof, and a set-it-and-forget-it package that almost works like magic. No plant growing experience needed. ”

Fans couldn't believe their eyes as they watched Saki follow the instructions in the 'hey abby' app. Many of them were fascinated by the design, while others expressed eagerness to get their own abby. 

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