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The abby Team - Jan 04 2023

Eric Khan Kicks Off His Grow Journey

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“(Abby) is super dope for two reasons: one, you can just grow an indoor flower plant in your house. The second thing is: it does it all for you."

Eric Khan recently started his growing journey with abby and shared the experience with his one million YouTube followers. In his video, Eric walks viewers through his setup process. Here are the highlights from his review: 

1. Customized Experience

Eric was pleasantly surprised by the journey personalization. Upon opening the app, it prompted him to choose between seed or clone, then auto or photo. The app then generated a growing calendar based on his selection.  

2. Easy-to-Use Nutrients

“It’s almost like a Keurig: they give you a full grow supply…and it’s all you need. You don’t have to measure nothing, you don’t have to mix anything… I’ll get a notification whenever I need to feed it”

3. Excitment for the Video

Khan's fans were quick to show their excitement for the growing video series. Many expressed they were interested in buying their own abby. Others claimed that this could be "the best series (he's) done yet". A few are even about to start their own growing journeys! 

We wish Eric all the best as he embarks on the abby growing journey. Be sure to check out the video for yourself here. You can also learn more about abby on our website. 

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