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The abby Team - Nov 30 2022

Dope as Yola Harvest Video

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" Shoutout to Hey abby... For everyone out there asking 'does it really work?'— it really works! "

Dope As Yola recently wowed his 1.4 million subscribers with his Hey abby harvest. The YouTuber is a first-time grower and previously shared his unboxing experience with fans. In this recent video, he takes his audience through his harvesting process, covers his curing preferences, and even reviews the quality of the plant and smoke. Looking back on his growing experience with abby, Yola tells his viewers "remember— I don't know what I'm doing. All (I did was) set it and forget it."

Fans were quick to congratulate the YouTuber on his first grow. Several expressed that they had been eager for an update, and the results were "definitely worth the wait". After seeing the harvest results, a few fans even claimed that the abby was going on their Christmas wish-list! 

Plant Quality: "It looks like a magazine cover"

Commenting on the appearance of the leaves, he exclaims: "look how frosty these things are... That's CRAZY". Holding the crop up to the camera, the Youtuber jokes: "up close? Superman's house! It's Crystal City up in here. It is very very pretty!"

As for the smell, Yola gave it a seal of approval. To the amusement of his fans, he claimed "the smell is so strong— if I could have a cologne with this, I would wear it every day."

Closing Thoughts

"I'm stoked guys, the thing does itself. I don't have to sit here and water, I'm not sitting here breakin' my back like I've seen (other grower's do)... I don't have time for that. But I do have the time to chop that (plant) down every three months and smoke it...I'm just showing you that it works."

The Hey abby Team would like to congratulate Yola on his successful harvest and thank him for sharing his experience with the world. You can check out the full video here

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