The abby Team - Nov 3 2022

abby Automates the Growing Process;
Makes Anyone A Grower

"This is the abby automated grow box, even you can do it! It's automated...even you can grow!" 

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The Hey abby Grow Box was recently featured on the Unbox Therapy YouTube Channel. Lewis Hilsenteger, known professionally as Unbox Therapy, wowed his 18.2 million followers by showing off the Hey abby Grow Box. Here are the highlights from his unboxing video:

Design"Listen, I think this is pretty good-looking...looking like a piece of fresh technology, bamboo-like top, with a digital display on the top" 

"The main idea here is you really don't have to think about it too much; the process is automated-- the light that's being supplied to the plants you're growing, the amount of moisture-- (abby) creates the optimal scenario depending on what it is you're trying to grow"

AccessoriesAs he unboxed the accessories kit, Hilsenteger claimed "this is gonna have everything you need to get up and running with your own hydroponics!"

LED Lights"Samsung full-spectrum plant lights plus high-powered red LEDs, offering enough lighting to bathe the plant for photosynthesis."

Water System"It's also a deep water culture grow system; easier, faster, and minimum maintenance for plant growing."

Final ThoughtsSpeaking of the growing process, Unbox Therapy explains "this stuff, the time invested in it, you wanna make sure that you'll actually yield something... I can't think of a better way than to have technology aid in that process. And I think (abby is) pretty good-looking"

The abby Team would like to thank Unbox Therapy for taking the time to review abby. Be sure to check out his full video here on Youtube! 

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