Fully Automatic Hydroponic System Technology Development Advantages

1. The technology of fully automated hydroponic system


Hydroponics is a kind of soilless cultivation technology, which originated in Israel. The main technical feature is the use of nutrient solution instead of soil for plant cultivation. At present, hydroponics technology is widely used in the production of vegetables, fruits and flowers in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan.


2. Plant factory with fully automated hydroponic system


The plant factory is a high-efficiency agricultural system that realizes the annual continuous production of crops through high-precision environmental control in the facility. Labor-saving production that reduces the constraints of natural conditions.


Plant factory is an advanced stage of the development of modern facility agriculture. It is a production system with high input, high technology and sophisticated equipment. It integrates biotechnology, engineering technology and system management, so that agricultural production can be freed from the constraints of natural ecology. The factory agricultural system, which produces plant products on an annual basis according to the plan, is one of the most dynamic and potential fields for absorbing and applying high-tech achievements in the process of agricultural industrialization, and represents the future development direction of agriculture.


3. Advantages of fully automated hydroponic system


Hydroponic technology like an indoor grow light box uses nutrient solution to provide nutrients for plants, which can provide plants with stable and continuous water and nutrients. This is a simple meal for plants that originally depended on water and mineral nutrients in the soil to survive. difference. Therefore, the growth rate of the plants grown in the nutrient solution is much higher than that of the plants grown in the soil, and the product quality is also improved by the artificially controllable nutrient supply.


Leaving the soil containing various harmful bacteria, the hydroponic cultivation of fully automated hydroponic system avoids most plant diseases and greatly reduces the need for spraying pesticides. The vegetables in the plant factory are green, organic and high-quality products.


At the same time, hydroponic cultivation facilitates automatic operation, saves manpower, and can even achieve the effect of saving water and fertilizer.


By recycling, disinfecting and re-proportioning the remaining irrigation water, a fertilizer saving rate of 50% and a water saving rate of up to 90% can be achieved.


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