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Which Hey abby is right for you?

Hey abby 420 Edition

Perfect for home growers seeking a user-friendly experience that requires minimal effort and set up

Hey abby 420 edition grow box


As low as $36/mo.

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Hey abby Grow Box OG

Suited for experienced growers seeking frequent plant interaction and increased upkeep for maximum yield

Hey abby OG grow box


As low as $55/mo.

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What is the 420 Edition?

We wanted to make a grow box that provided users with Hey abby quality, but at a more affordable price. Many of our growers don’t require the super hi-tech aspects to Hey abby. We removed the digital interface, the viewing window, and the height sensors, which are not essential to someone seeking a simple growing experience. With our 420 Edition, you now get to grow plants easily from home, whatever your budget.

Average Yield

Earn money back with first harvest: $250/per ounce is approximately the commercial value of bud. 6 x $250 = average yield value of $1500

weed yield of Hey abby 420 edition automated grow cabinet
weed yield of Hey abby OG automated grow cabinet


Hey abby complete indoor hydroponic grow system LED light
Hey abby grow box full spectrum led grow light

Everlight Pro Growing LED Array

Hey abby 420 edition uses the Everlight XI3030P LED array with a balanced combination of red, blue, and white LEDs. This delivers a full spectrum of light, ensuring your plant receives the exact wavelengths necessary for optimal growth and development.

Tech Features

Hey abby automated grow boxes
Hey abby indoor grow box kit

Complete Monitoring Harvesting System

Hey abby indoor growing system intelligent sensors
Hey abby intelligent indoor growing system


cannabis seedlings

Photo seeds, clones.
Auto seeds, seedlings.


15.75*15.75*48 Inches

31.5 Inches Grow Height