The Ultimate Grow Guide

In-door growing has never been this easy

Hey abby hydroponic indoor growing system

Growing Plants at Home 

Growing grass at home has never been more accessible. Many people around the world are taking up the new hobby of home growing, and are seeing incredible results. You might be thinking that growing plants at home is complicated and expensive, but with major advancements in technology, growing at home is not only easy, but can be a great financial investment for you too. And with the changes in law, it is completely legal to grow cannabis at home in Canada and many states across the USA.

Hey abby cannabis indoor grow system

Table Of Content

  • Grow Tent Kit or Grow Box: which growing system is best for beginners? 
  • What is the average yield in a Grow Box? 
  • What is hydroponic growing? 
  • LED Grow Kit: tent lighting vs grox box built-in lighting 
  • Should I begin growing with a clone or seed? 
  • Can I grow grass in my state/country? 
  • What are the best nutrients for growing grass? 
  • Grower's Journey 
  • Final thoughts

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