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Hey abby 420 Edition

Perfect for home growers seeking a user-friendly experience that requires minimal effort and set up

Up to 6oz Premium Dry Flowers

Everlight XL3030P Light System

$549 $699

(Limited Time Offer)

As low as $36/mo.

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Hey abby Grow Box OG

Suited for experienced growers seeking frequent plant interaction and increased upkeep for maximum yield

Up to 8oz Premium Dry Flowers

Samsung LM301H Light System


As low as $55/mo.

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Faced by Indoor Closet Growers

Problems Faced by
Indoor Closet Growers


Hey abby allows growers to grow any strain, anywhere— fully supported by a team of experts and a friendly growing community.

Easy to Use

No growing experience or assembly needed. Just plug and play.

Sleek Design

Requires only 2ft2 of space and looks great anywhere.

Low Maintenance

Just 5 minutes of upkeep per week.

Safe & Clean

No soil. No pests. No mess.

Your fav strain is all year round

The buds grow tall, the leaves unfurl,And the scent of OG Kush makes my senses swirl,Gorilla Glue and Granddaddy Purple stand strong,While the tangy taste of Tangie lingers on.

Explore abby Grow Box
Heyabby indoor grow cabinets

Full Spectrum Growing LED System

The Hey Abby 420 edition utilizes the Everlight XL3030P growing LED, designed by industry professionals. This array provides a wide viewing angle and high-intensity output, while also achieving X% power savings

Miss Out

The Hey abby subscription includes incredible features that makes growing so much fun, including 1-to-1 online support, and access to a growing community where you can share and learn from other plant enthusiasts. 

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Heyabby fully automated hydroponic system for indoor plant growth

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