Sour Diesel

sour diesel strain


Sativa Dominant-Hybrid


18% - 25%




Citrus, Earthy, Lemon


Euphoric, Sedative, Hungry, Sleepy

Flowering Type


Flowering Time

10-12 Weeks

The saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” might be a great slogan for Sour Diesel - a classic strain and one of the most longstanding leaders in the industry. It isn’t hard to see why, it is a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid with many uses and benefits.

You simply cannot go wrong when you have a classic in your hands! Below, we will cover all that you need to know about this strain, its main benefits, its characteristics, and how to find the best Sour Diesel seeds.

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Growing Tips

Sour Diesel is one of the most common strains to have an issue with HLVd. To counter this, make sure you get clean and nutrient-rich soil. If growing indoors, get a professional LED light set up and make sure that you are ready to give plenty of consistent light to your plants.

If you are growing sour diesel seeds outdoors, you should take extra steps to prevent HLVd by making sure you source the best soil possible, alongside putting your plants in an area that receives plenty of consistent sunlight. Consider topping your plants to boost your yields, and control moisture to ensure your plants stay healthy.

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Sour Diesel strain is known for having a yellow tint to the green buds, with orange hairs and dense nugs. It has a nice aroma to it when burned - that many describe as citrusy or lemon. As the name implies, the taste may be a little sour upon exhaling.

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Origin & Use

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Origin of Sour Diesel Strain

When you hear of your favorite 90s artist talking about smoking cannabis, odds are high that they were talking about the Sour Diesel weed strain. Its origins go back to the 90s in California, and many think it is a mixture of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91 genetics, but this is often debated among connoisseurs.

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Best Seed bank for this strain

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Ready to Get Some Sour Diesel Seeds?

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