Grandaddy Purple

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Indica Dominant-Hybrid






Berry, Fruity, Grape


Calming, Sedative, Relaxed

Flowering Type


Flowering Time

10-12 Weeks

All the benefits of Indica - jam-packed into a potent hybrid. Add in a fruity smell and taste, high yields, and a little bit of purple and you are left with Grandaddy Purple. This strain has remained one of the top Indica-dominant hybrids on the market. Its potency and relatively easy cultivation are huge reasons why.

Whether you are simply seeking out info on this strain, or are hoping to grow it at home, we are here to help you out. We have compiled all the most important information on Grandaddy Purple, from benefits and effects to where you get your seeds.

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Growing Tips

When growing grandaddy purple strains indoors, make sure that you have sufficient light on a daily basis. We recommend training methods like LST and topping your cannabis plants to ensure the best yields possible. Keep the humidity in check and have your RH around 40% once harvest time comes near.

If you are growing outdoors, try to place your grandaddy purple plants in a sunny spot with plenty of daily direct sunlight. Always be proactive to remove pests, do not overwater your plants, and use soil that is jam-packed and full of nutrients.

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This grandaddy purple strain receives its name from the hints of purple that are iconic of this strain - and the potency that comes with THC levels over 20%. When burnt, there is a berry-like taste and smell to this strain.

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Origin & Use

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Origin of Grandaddy Purple Strain

This strain was made back in 2003 in San Francisco by Ken Estes. It was created by mixing Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghan strains. It quickly became one of the top strains due to its attractive appearance, potency, and great smell when smoked.

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Best Seed bank for this strain

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Ready to Get Some Grandaddy Purple Seeds?

If you want to get the best Grandaddy Purple seeds, we recommend heading straight over to Seed Supreme. They are the #1 ranked seed bank for cannabis seeds - as asserted by major publications worldwide for the past couple of years. They have 1000s of other strains and the best genetics on the market.


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