Blue Dream

blue dream strain


Sativa Dominant-Hybrid


15% - 25%




Fruity, Berry, Sweet


Uplifting, Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed

Flowering Type


Flowering Time

8-10 Weeks

Famous cultivator DJ Short unleashed a monster when he first cultivated Blue Dream. This is a solid strain if you want a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is potent and great at helping you manage a wide range of issues.

In 2024, this is one of the best strains to try out - both as a consumer and a grower. On this page, we will cover all you need to know about the Blue Dream strain effects, where to find Blue Dream seeds, and more.

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Growing Tips

Blue dream seeds are a solid choice if you want to top into one of the world’s most popular strains. These seeds are typically photoperiod feminized seeds, and have medium yields when compared to other strains.

If you choose to grow blue dream strain indoors, use plenty of light, nutrient-rich soil, and keep humidity levels at about 40% RH.

If growing it outdoors, make sure to place your plant in an area with lots of direct light. For best results, buy Blue Dream seeds from a reputable seed bank to ensure that you get the best genetics. Germinate your seeds before placing them into your growing medium, and ensure that you follow industry-best growing tips at each step of the process.

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Just as the name implies, many people find that there are blue elements on the buds of Blue Dream weed strain, trinkled onto the green and frosty buds. The buds tend to have a berry, fruity-like smell to them, and a sweet taste to the smoke.

strain basics

Origin & Use

origin of blue dream seeds

Origin of Blue Dream Strain

In 2003, famed breeder DJ Short made the Blue Dream strain by making a cross between Haze and Blueberry. This mixture of two heavy-hitter strains quickly turned out to be a massive success. From rappers like Juicy J making public nods to the strain, to it now being found in most dispensaries, its rise to the top was very quick.

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Best Seed bank for this strain

Seed Supreme.png__PID:4a751ac6-c85b-48c1-bea0-c63e2f342890



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If you want to buy some blue dream seeds, we recommend heading over to Seed Supreme first. They have the best genetics for this strain, offer you feminized seeds that are sure to flower, and have a 100% germination guarantee. See for yourself why this is ranked as the top seed bank by many top publications.


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