Upgrading Your User Experience [July 2022]

The abby Team is constantly working to improve your user experience and we're proud to announce our newest app update. We've recently released 'hey abby' version 2.4.0 which offers new functions and fixes previous bugs to enhance your growing journey. ⁠The new-and-improved app will be available on July 20th.⁠ Below, we’ve listed the three newest functions of the hey abby app.

  1. Child lock. Once activated in the app settings, the door will lock automatically when closed and can only be unlocked via the hey abby grow box app.
  1. Night mode. Go to the app settings to set your own specified sleep time, which will silence all notifications and turn off the light strip.
  1. Trend emojis. Trend emojis are now more accessible, letting you send your favorite emojis without opening the keyboard separately.
  1. Comment rewards. You can now show your gratitude by rewarding other users who answer your questions or offer great advice.
  1. Mention @ function. Interact with other users in your Trend feed by mentioning them with the @ function.
  1. Optimized display layout. The layout has been modified to be more user-friendly.
  1. Improved functionality.
  1. Fixed general bugs.

In addition to an improved in-app experience, we have also upgraded the device firmware. We've improved abby auto grow box's functionality in the following ways:
  1. Fixed the water level sensor false alarm bug.
  1. Optimized timer logic to improve the accuracy of growth light control.
  1. Optimized feeding logic to improve the nutrient release success rate.
  1. Updated the new Night Mode control.

    We would like to thank our grower community. Without your constructive feedback and support, we wouldn’t be able to improve. "I guess in the end, we are all “One Team” because we all have one goal in mind," said Nicktonhsai, one of our abby growers. We couldn’t agree more— that's the best way to describe this wonderful community!