Hydroponic Grow Tutorial: How to Grow Soilless Plants Indoors?

There are many hydroponics enthusiasts now, especially for those who want to plant hydroponic vegetables and fruits indoors. It is necessary to know how to hydroponic. Especially for schools that have built hydroponic labs, it is important to master hydroponic techniques for teaching facilitation.


Planting in the mist column system is the first choice for many people. Follow us and you will harvest hydroponic column system planting techniques.


Fill the water bucket of the hydroponic grow system with water


You need to inject water to an appropriate height according to the capacity of the mist column system water bucket, which can lay the foundation for pouring nutrient solution below.


Mix the nutrient solution needed for vegetables or fruits in the hydroponic grow system


The nutrient solution needs to be mixed according to the amount required for the vegetables or fruits you are growing. You can use a graduated cup and electronic scale to measure accurately the amount you need. After measuring how much nutrient solution you need, you can stir the nutrient solution sufficiently and prepare it for pouring into the column system water bucket.


Pour the nutrient solution into the column hydroponic grow system


Pour the well-mixed nutrient solution into the water bucket of the column system and let it fully integrate with the water.


Water and power the hydroponic grow system


Turn on the switch, and the column system will automatically start running with nutrient solution and water. In this way, the water in the column system will circulate and drive the nutrient solution, which can be more fully integrated.


The grow basket of the hydroponic grow system


Wrap the roots of the vegetable or fruit seedlings that need to be planted with rock wool and put them into the grow basket. Although this process is a bit slow, it allows you to fully experience the fun of hydroponic planting. If it is a child, he or she will also experience the process of hydroponic gardening, which is helpful for practical application.


Planting holes in the mist hydroponic grow system


Place the grow basket into the planting hole of the mist column system. The roots of the vegetable or fruit seedlings will be moisturized by water and nutrient solution, and you can wait for them to grow.


Isn't it simple? But you may also encounter some problems during the operation, such as the proportion of nutrient solution and the amount of water injection, which need to be clarified one by one, so that it will be more conducive to our future hydroponic planting, and you will gradually become an experienced hydroponic planter.

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