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Easy Ways to Grow Vegetables at Your Own Home

Basic hydroponics is a new science that can help you grow the vegetables of your choice without soil. This means that the plants will be grown in water that is mixed with essential nutrients to ensure proper plant growth in a controlled environment.


Ⅰ. Indoor hydroponic garden


An indoor hydroponic garden allows water to circulate efficiently through the roots, thereby promoting plant growth. So you can get healthy herbs and vegetables in any season.


Hydroponics kits can be easily purchased and contain all the gear you need to set up an indoor hydroponic garden. The benefits of hydroponics are numerous, but it must be remembered that not all plants are suitable for this type of farming. Some of these will attract pests and bugs, while others like citronella oil will deter them.


Ⅱ. Which indoor hydroponic gardens are suitable for planting?


If you decide to go hydroponics for your garden, here are some quick tips on the plants you actually grow and get satisfactory results.


1. Peppermint


Mint is a typical houseplant that grows very fast. It helps its fast-spreading underground rhizomes. It should be potted separately to separate it from other herbs. There are three types of spearmint, chocolate mint and mint. Peppermint is delicious in even the most ordinary hot chocolate or tea.


2. Basil


This herb is used in most homes and prefers a sunny location without much ventilation or cold wind. You can use a sprig or two of basil and vegetables, cheese, or even a dish with tomatoes in it. Greek miniature basil is great for growing in an indoor hydroponic garden or indoor grow system. It doesn't get very tall (about 6 inches) and can be used in almost any dish.


Even larger varieties can be grown easily. Basil is easy to grow if you start from seed. Just prune it every now and then so the leaves will continue to grow and the plant will be bushy.


3. Leek


This is a perennial herb belonging to the onion family. It exudes a fresh and crunchy flavor that is loved by all. You can add it to omelets, soups and even cheese products. The hollow stems of leeks are divided about every three years. Try growing any onions or leeks. These are very tasty and therefore very popular.


Leeks need a lot of water, so growing them with the help of a hydroponic system shouldn't be a problem. In fact, the growth should be quite satisfactory. Typically, it takes three months to be ready for a proper harvest, but for hydroponic systems it should be faster. When harvesting leeks, clip them near the base to promote a healthy harvest.


Ⅲ. What should be paid attention to in indoor hydroponic garden?


Growing any plant with hydroponics allows you to control growing conditions. Replacing soil with nutrient water is a good example. If you want to achieve optimal plant or other living conditions, you need to combine uniform light with constant temperature and humidity. The proven ABBY plant growth box offers all conditions.