Complete Guide for Growing Plants Hydroponically with Heyabby Grow Box

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using only water, nutrients, and a growing medium. This technique is gaining popularity among urban gardeners and enthusiasts who don’t have access to outdoor space or soil for growing plants. Hydroponics is also an excellent way to grow plants all-year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. Here, in this blog, we will give you a complete guide for growing plants hydroponically, with a special emphasis on Heyabby grow box.


What is a Heyabby Grow Box?


Heyabby grow box is a hydroponic system that uses the deep water culture method. It is a complete kit that contains everything you need to start growing plants hydroponically. The box has a reservoir for holding nutrient-rich water, a basket for growing plants, an air pump for oxygenation, and a growing light for providing sufficient light to the plants. Heyabby grow box is ideal for growing herbs, vegetables, and fruits in a small space, such as an apartment balcony or a kitchen countertop.


Step-by-Step Guide for Growing Plants Hydroponically with Heyabby Grow Box


To grow plants hydroponically with Heyabby grow box, follow these six steps:


  • Step 1: Set up the grow box – Assemble the grow box according to the instructions provided in the kit. Fill the reservoir with water up to the indicated level.


  • Step 2: Add nutrients – Add the nutrient solution to the water, following the instructions provided in the kit. The nutrient solution contains all the minerals and nutrients that the plants need to grow.


  • Step 3: Plant the seeds – Fill the basket with the growing medium, such as rock wool or perlite. Plant the seeds in the growing medium, following the instructions provided in the kit. Cover the basket with a lid to maintain the humidity level.


  • Step 4: Oxygenate the water – Connect the air pump to the grow box and turn it on. The air pump will provide oxygen to the water, which is essential for the roots to grow.


  • Step 5: Provide light – Set up the growing light above the plant grow boxes, following the instructions provided in the kit. Turn on the light and adjust its height and duration according to the type of plants you are growing.


  • Step 6: Monitor the plants – Check the water level and pH level regularly. Adjust the nutrient solution and pH level as needed. Watch the plants grow and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Advantages of Growing Plants Hydroponically with Heyabby Grow Box


Hydroponics has many advantages over traditional soil-based gardening. Here are some of the benefits of using Heyabby grow box for growing plants hydroponically:


  • Saves space – Heyabby grow box is designed for small spaces, making it ideal for urban gardening.

  • Saves water – Hydroponics uses only 10% of the water required for soil-based gardening.

  • Saves time – Hydroponics eliminates the need for weeding, fertilizing, and other time-consuming tasks.

  • Higher yields – Hydroponic plants grow faster and produce higher yields than soil-based plants.

  • No soil-borne pests and diseases – Hydroponic plants are less prone to pests and diseases that are typically found in soil-based plants.




Growing plants hydroponically with Heyabby grow box is an excellent way to enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits all year round. The deep water culture method used in Heyabby grow box is easy to set up and maintain, making it ideal for beginners and experts alike. Follow the step-by-step guide provided in this blog to grow your plants effortlessly. Enjoy the benefits of hydroponics today!