Automatic Blooming Guide of the Mini Grow Box

Do you want to simplify and save time? Then automatic flowering plants are perfect for you! In our step-by-step guide, we explain how to plant and when to harvest in the mini grow box. With the help of our automatic flowering guide, nothing will stop your growth!


In all automatic flowing analyses, automatic flow is the most important. The main function of our growth chamber and solar cell component is to measure thePHvalue, ECvalue, temperature or fuel.


What is automatic flow in the mini grow box?


Unlike other plants, auto-flowering plant will automatically start to flower as it's flowering stage does not depend on a specific photoperiod. In most cases, self-flowering plants start flowering after two to four weeks. Therefore, it is especially popular among beginner growers, but due to its easy cultivation, advanced growers also like to use auto-flowering seeds. If you want to buy cheap grow box, then Heyabby would be a great choice.


Lighting plans for planting in the mini grow box


Despite the advantage of auto-flowering strains, where the flowering stages do not depend on photoperiods, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing growth light and exposure times.


In our automatic flow guide, we recommend using a full spectrum LED plant light because it not only saves electricity, but is also suitable for plant flowering and growth stages. So you won't have to change the light.


For auto-flowering plants, it is recommended to expose them for 18-24 hours. For energy-saving reasons, many growers choose an exposure period of 18 hours.


Soil suitable for mini grow box growth


For self-cultivation, food-safe soil should be used, which is fertilized in advance. Suitable soil can be found in many planting fields. Our high-quality soil is 100% natural.


Gradual progress: automatic flowering cultivation


Of course, in our weekly automatic flow guide, check the plant's leaves for pests and fungus to ensure plant health. As mentioned at the beginning of the auto-flowering instructions, you don't have to worry about changing the light because mini grow box includes a full spectrum LED plant light. The necessary air supply for auto-flowering is also provided through a USB fan in the mini growth box.


When to harvest in the mini grow box?


When can you harvest your plant?


One major advantage of auto-flowering is fast harvesting. After cultivation, the plant can be harvested after 8-12 weeks. When your plant can be harvested depends on your auto-flowering strain.


In our automatic flow guide, we assume an average of ten weeks. When you should start harvesting, you can tell from your plant's flowers. There are so-called trichomes on the flowers. It is best to check them with a magnifying glass. If some of these trichomes are white and others are amber, your auto-flowering can be harvested. The more amber trichomes, the more peaceful your buds.


Most people start picking when 60-70% of the trichomes turn amber. If you prefer to keep them longer, you can certainly start harvesting earlier! If the buds underneath are not ready yet and need a little more time, the auto-flowers can be harvested one after another. When harvesting, we recommend that you use clean and sterile scissors.

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