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The Hey abby Team - August 15, 2023

From 30 to 3000,
From Anyone Can Grow to Grow Like a Pro

Dear Hey abby Growers,

We are delighted to announce that our Discord server has surpassed 3000 growers, making it one of the largest grower's Discord servers worldwide! The project was launched just last April, with only about 30 initial members, half of whom were part of our own teams. Looking back, we recognize that this achievement wouldn't have been possible without the community's unwavering support. The team extends a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to our grower's community.

As a pioneering growing community, both our team and our growers consistently look ahead. This is an opportunity to share our insights and plans for the future.

Hey abby Discord member growing

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Key Insights into Indoor Growing

Growers are Rapidly Acquiring Knowledge

The initial members of our community were mostly new growers. With just a few rounds of cultivation, many have evolved into experts with profound insights into growing techniques and even product development. We're astounded by the swift growth of our growers (even faster than your plants!).

Consequently, the community has become diverse, encompassing both new and expert growers simultaneously. Novices swiftly transform into experts within a short span, and the needs of these two groups greatly differ. New ideas continue to emerge daily.

We ask ourselves daily: How can we keep pace with our growers?

Considering All Indoor Growers

Up to this point, we're proud of achieving one thing: We've developed a great tool that enables anyone to grow a single cannabis plant indoors with DWC. However, this is just a starting point, research indicates that 66% of American households possess at least one houseplant, and people cultivate various plants using different mediums. Many Hey abby growers also cultivate other greens at home or nurture additional cannabis plants in tents. Is there a way we can provide a universal tool to fulfill the needs of all indoor growers?

Sharing Techniques and Capturing Moments

Hey abby app Trend

Trend posts on hey abby app

Among the most valuable assets within the Hey abby community is the collective knowledge of its members. In the Hey abby app, there are over 10,000 trend posts in just a year, along with millions of messages in Discord. When growers share their unique techniques – whether it's a specific watering schedule, a homemade nutrient mix, or a lighting hack – they aren't just showcasing their expertise; they're elevating the skills of the entire community. These shared techniques often spark innovative approaches, leading to more successful growth and a deeper comprehension of plant dynamics.

Beyond techniques, growing is a journey filled with countless moments - from the seed to a bountiful harvest. Sharing these moments is akin to sharing pages from a personal diary.

Our Next Steps

Based on these insights, we're advancing our mission from "Anyone Can Grow" to "Grow Like a Pro." It's true, with Hey abby, anyone can learn to grow in days and achieve impressive yields in a few months. However, growing is about more than just yield; it involves engagement, knowledge, adventure, and a sustainable lifestyle.

Making things easy is the first step. How to make it last, matters. With that in mind, we've mapped out our next moves.

Hey abby App 3.0: Grow Journal

In the upcoming Hey abby 3.0 version, we'll introduce a new module: the Grow Journal. This feature allows Hey abby growers to chronicle their journey with comprehensive data. We recognized the demand for this journal, but existing apps fall short. Manual data entry is necessary for current apps. With Hey abby's advanced sensor array, automatic data logging becomes effortless, allowing growers to focus on experimentation, learning, and sharing.

While designing this app, we realized that Hey abby is just one growing space among many. In the future, growers can add more spaces, such as tents, and maintain separate journals. Growers will be able to share their journals, create their algorithms, and share them with the community. This means a "recipe" marketplace will emerge, and the original Hey abby algorithm will be just one among many.

Ultimately, this journal will cater to all plants and indoor growers. Whether you grow with Hey abby or not, you can manage all your plants in one place and automatically log data using our smart hardware.

For such a big project, we'll launch the first version in September and anticipate a year-long development process to encompass all features.

Smart Hardware: Personalized Growing Experience

Hey abby smart accessories

In the first half of 2023, we released several smart accessories, including the BudCam, to enhance growers' experiences. We also introduced our first mod kit, inviting growers to embark on an adventure. The demand for these gadgets exceeded our expectations, with over 70% of Hey abby growers getting one or more accessories for experimentation.

We will continue to release more accessories while developing a fully modular Hey abby model at the same time. Although it's still in its early stages, we're confident in unveiling the prototype within the next 12 months. All Hey abby hardware will seamlessly integrate with the Hey abby app.

We will also continue to improve and develop the all-in-one indoor grow boxes to meet the increasing demands.

Growing Like a Pro

hey abby help center
Hey abby Grow Like a Pro series videos

Beyond the professional tools, we're also highly active on the content. We've established an informative Help Center and consitently update our Grow Guide. It's now one of the most popular grow guides in Google search results.

Our in-house grower J has produced a series of "Grow Like a Pro" videos covering every aspect of cultivation. Simultaneously, we're collaborating with respected grower influencers, such as "From Seed to Stone," "Strain Show," "Inside Hydro," and others, to craft engaging and professional content featuring Hey abby.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Hey abby doesn't just connect plants; it connects people. We have so much fun and joy from our community - thank you for all the great support, this is the biggest motivation to keep us going.

Achieving all these milestones isn't simple, especially for a small team like ours. We kindly ask for your patience and urge you to help spread the word. Sharing your growth story on Facebook and Instagram or creating a YouTube video of your cultivation journey is a perfect way to support us and introduce more growers to the possibility of growing like a pro!

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