How to Germinate Seeds

Note: make sure you get a feminized seed to guarantee that the plant will produce buds instead of spores. 

Start by adding water to the seed germination cup, and then soak the rockwool and grow sponge for five minutes. Squeeze out the excess water and then place the feminized seeds inside the grow sponge. Wrap the rockwool around the bottom of the sponge, and then place it at the bottom of the plant basket. Ensure that the rockwool is fully submerged in the water. 

Set the cup in a warm, well-lit place, such as beside a window. It's important to provide enough sunlight for the seeds to sprout nicely. On average, seeds will sprout within two days. Be sure to change the water twice a week, and then transplant the seedling into abby after growing 2~4 sets of leaves.

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