The abby Team - Dec 30 2022

Letter From Our Founder 

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Hey— this is OG, the founder of Hey abby.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. After our project launched in March 2022 on Kickstarter, we went through a wonderful journey with thousands of growers. Hey abby is now the #1 automated grow box, with successful grows every day within our community. We're proud to see many YouTubers and media covering our stories. Day by day, growing indoors has become a great and sustainable lifestyle. We are very happy to be part of this movement. 

Listening To Our Community 

There are many growers who say to us: "I love the product; I love the idea... but will you guys become the next grobo? I put my investment into Hey abby, but what if you guys go out of business? Am I still able to use it?" After consulting with our (Discord) moderator team, we've decided to start a Growers Protection Plan to protect your plants and investments. 

Grow With Peace Of Mind

Our APP and digital services are powered through Amazon Web Services (AWS). This provides cloud infrastructure, data analysis, and intelligent algorithms— all of which create a wonderful and adaptable experience for our Hey abby growers. So, what will happen to the AWS if Hey abby were to ever go out of business? Starting on Jan 1, 2023, we will deposit 3% of the subscription income (up to $1000) as a reserve to AWS on a monthly basis. 

So, for example, if we go out of business after 5 years, then the account will have a $60,000 fund and therefore the server will be able to run for a substantial amount of time afterward.

We want our growers to enjoy growing with total peace of mind. The deposit system is just the first step, and we will add more growing services later on. Moving forward, we will extend this protection program with amendments and implement more details over time to make it complete— all to protect our growers' interests. It is important to always think of the worst-case scenario and then best prepare for it. As a community, we can face these challenges and overcome them together. 

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