The Hey abby Team - Mar 08 2023

Hey Abby Team

2023 Anniversary Special Edition

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Meet the Team

From expert growers to app developers, our team members are hard at work to give you the best grow journey.

Come meet some of our members and learn about what we're doing to improve your Hey abby experience. 

Closing Thoughts

In the last two years, we have done some amazing things with all of your support. Even when we faced challenges, we had incredible people to help us every step of the way. 

But we’re far from done. There are still many possibilities to be explored and ways we can improve. But one thing is for sure: our roots are in the growing community. Just like a plant needs roots to thrive, so does the Hey abby Team need our growers to be our best and produce some amazing flowers. 

Happy abbyversary!

This wraps up our anniversary series for now. Have your own Hey abby story you’d like to share? Be sure to come and chat with us in Discord by clicking here

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