Hydroponic Farming: The Healthiest Option

Hydroponic Farming: The Healthiest Option
When it comes to buying food, convenience can't beat quality. Daily schedules may not always allow us to sacrifice convenience, but the good news is that growing your own food does not have to be a hassle. With modern technology, you can grow your favorite veggies at home all with the help of abby automated grow boxes. These types of grow boxes utilize a hydroponic system that grows food that is healthier than the store-bought variety.

Many health-conscious people are turning to at-home hydroponic farming for the convenience, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Hydroponic plants are kept in seed capsules or growth chambers, and then nurished with sunlight and a nutrient-rich water solution. Below we’ve listed the three reasons hydroponically grown food is the healthiest option.


1. Pesticide-Free

Every year, an international body called the Environmental Working Group publishes a list of agricultural products called the "Dirty Dozen", which are 12 fruits and vegetables that contain pesticides even after they are washed. When ingested, these chemicals can cause all kinds of adverse health effects, such as rashes, dizziness, diarrhea, and more. Among the list are vegetables such as celery, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach. However, the great news is that these veggies can all be easily grown at home. Hydroponic gardening is a form of soilless farming, which limits the risk of pest infestation, so there is no need to use harmful pesticides to protect your plant and potentially contaminate your food.


2. Nutritious and Delicious

Research suggests that home-grown food is also more nutritious than the store-bought variety. Modern agriculture practices use artificial chemicals to promote plant growth, which normally strips away nutritional content. However, hydroponically grown plants can preserve their nutritional value without the need to use harmful chemicals. As a result, these homemade vegetables and fruits contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, high-quality carbohydrates, and folic acid. Even better: the more nutritious the crop, the more flavorful it is! So, hydroponically grown food is both nutritious and delicious.
Growing your own food also allows you to control the characteristics of the crop. Most store-bought produce is picked early to prevent it from spoiling, but growing your own food allows you to decide when to harvest based on personal preference. For vegetables like lettuce, you can even enhance its texture and quality; the nutrient-rich water used in an indoor hydroponic grow system ensures your lettuce is juicier and crunchier than store-bought options.


3. Environmentally Friendly

Growing your own food is not only healthy for you—it’s also much healthier for the planet! As more people start hydroponic farming at home, they reduce the environmental cost of gas-guzzling trucks and vans that normally transport produce across the country for sale and distribution, leading to indiscriminate air pollution. You will also reduce the chemical pesticides used in vegetable cultivation, which are harmful to soil, water, and air in the long run. By starting your own hydroponic garden with abby's automated indoor grow box, you'll be doing yourself and the environment a favor.