The Appearance of Hydroponic Plants is Beautiful and Easy to Manage!


Hydroponics are becoming more and more common these days. Because it is different from traditional cultivation, it brings people a novel feeling, and because of its various benefits, it is gradually popularized.


Ⅰ. Characteristics of hydroponic for plants


1. Advantages: Because the nutrients absorbed by plants must be in the ionic state dissolved in water, the plant nutrient absorption by this method is very fast, and the plants grow rapidly.


2. Disadvantages: Plants may rot due to lack of oxygen in the roots.


Hydroponics refers to growing plants without soil. It is not the soil that plants absorb, but the minerals contained in the hydroponic solution. Hydroponic automated grow system is the use of water to supply plants directly with the minerals they need to grow.


Ⅱ. Advantages of hydroponic for plants


1. Can directly appreciate the root system of plants. People usually know little about the root shape of plants, but hydroponic for plants can show the graceful posture of roots to people. Plants such as Agave and Liliaceae have very thick succulent roots, as white and thick as ginseng. The roots of Haojianshan of the bromeliad are relatively sparse, like deer antlers. The Qibao tree of the Compositae family, its roots resemble the long beards of centenarians. The roots of the almond family are short but dense, like a mass of cotton.


2. Simplifies the heavy maintenance procedures. Hydroponics can transform watering and fertilizing, two difficult techniques, into regular replacement of nutrient solutions, saving time that can be used to appreciate plants.


3. Avoid busy work, such as long-term travel, travel, and meetings for several days, with a plant hydroponic system, you don't have to worry about unattended plants.


4. Clean and hygienic, reduce pests and diseases. The most feared thing about growing flowers at home is that it is unsanitary, but the substrate and water flowing out of the flowerpot are not so clean, while hydroponic for plants can be very clean and hygienic, will not pollute the indoor environment, and have fewer pests and diseases.


5. Hydroponics is easy to control plant shape. If some plants are improperly watered and lack of light, they will lead to tall and leggy growth, which will affect the ornamental value. For example, adding chlorophyll to the nutrient solution can make the plants dwarfed, so that the cultivation is more scientific and easier.


6. Through smart garden hydroponic unit, the seedlings can be quickly slowed down to restore the vitality of seriously dehydrated plants. Some of our plants are obtained by means of import or long-distance transportation. When they first arrived, most of them were damaged by the roots and severely dehydrated. The conventional method of slowing the seedlings for a long time is not effective, and it is easy to rot in the family. Roots and rotten stems are used for hydroponics. Long-term drying enables plants to quickly germinate water roots and enter a vigorous growth slow-seeding stage under such favorable conditions.


7. Hydroponic for plants can choose various styles of utensils and place them at will, which is more conducive to home decoration.