The Five Best Hydroponic Fruits and Veggies to Grow

Many health-conscious people are turning to at-home hydroponic farming for the convenience, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Hydroponic produce is grown in a chamber, and then nourished with sunlight and a nutrient-rich water solution. While there are many fruits and vegetables that thrive in a hydroponic system, we’ve listed the top five best ones to start growing today.


1.  strawberries


Hydroponic strawberries are one of the most popular crops grown in the commercial world and many farmers choose to grow them on a very large scale. With your own hydroponic system, you can easily grow this delicious berry all year-round.


Even if you’ve never cultivated strawberries in soil, you can still grow hydroponic strawberries with ease. One advantage of growing them hydroponically is that you stack them vertically, which allows you to fit more berries in the same growing space, allowing you to enjoy bigger yields.


2. Kale


A nutritional powerhouse, kale is a must-grow for people wanting to enrich their diet. When grown at home, this crop can be especially juicy, crunchy, and nutritious.
Growing from a transplant, hyrdoponic kale can be harvested after as little as 3 to 4 weeks. With proper care, this veggie can grow back multiple times after being harvested. The best varieties to grow hydroponically include curly, scots, and red kale.



3. Spinach

Spinach is rich in various vitmains and minerals, including iron and vitmains K,A, and C. Growing spinach hydroponically allows you to control its environment, avoid bitter spinach, and reduce the risk of insect infestation.
Your spinach will be ready in about 30-40 days, and you can choose to harvest the whole plant or small sections at a time. Harvesting small sections will allow the plant to continue growing back, which will give you a continuous supply of fresh spinach. Want to find grow box kit for sale? Heyabby has prepared grow tent automation kit for you!


4. Tomatoes


Home-grown tomatoes are in whole new league: they’re juicier, tastier, and have a more uniform appearance compared to their market-bought counterparts. The best part is that it’s never been easier to grow these versatile veggies all in the comfort of your own home.
Tomatoes need pure water and proper aeration to thrive, which is why grow boxes like abby are perfect for keeping your tomato plant both happy and healthy.



5. Cucumbers


Cucumbers have a fast growth rate and thrive in warm, moist environments, which makes a hydroponic system ideal. These veggies take between 50-70 days to mature depending on the variety. Varieties such as Beit Alpha, Bush Champion, and Spacemaster are the best for hydroponic growing and are capable of producing high yields.
For best results, make sure your plant receives at least seven hours of light per day and is kept at a temperature between 70 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit (21-26 C).