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The Use and Selection of Indoor Grow System

The indoor grow system allows you to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other plants conveniently in the comfort of your own home, using methods ranging from the latest technology to elementary school science. While many people think that gardening requires lots of outdoor space and sunlight, that's often not the case. With hydroponic systems, soil-based indoor gardening equipment, and even creative DIY-style methods, you can reliably grow healthy plants in small indoor spaces.

1. The benefits of indoor grow system planting are numerous

Producing (some) food yourself saves you money, teaches you valuable skills, and makes you more self-sufficient—while putting less strain on an often unsustainable food system. Doing this year-round allows for fresh, local food in the colder months. Aesthetically, houseplants can brighten up a room and add vibrancy, color and fragrance to your home.

There are many kinds of indoor grow systems—from large-scale hydroponic systems that can grow dozens of vegetables, to simple setups that can grow herbs or soil sprouts. To help you decide, we've researched the best options for installing in your home.

2. How do we choose the best indoor grow system?

We scoured through a dozen of the top models to find the most sustainable indoor vegetable garden systems, however, finding non-plastic hydroponic solutions is nearly impossible. Instead, we source as much recycled and BPA-free plastic as possible. In our exploration of sustainable options, we also look for products with recycled content in their designs, as well as products with more sustainable packaging materials.

Ultimately, we know there are always trade-offs when shopping for food at the grocery store. So, if a long-lasting hydroponic system allows you to buy less produce from far away even if your unit includes some virgin plastic - it will allow you a degree of autonomy in your food production and help Build sustainable self-sufficiency closer to home.

In this spirit, we seek reliability, price, structurally sound design and efficient growing capacity to ensure that indoor growing is worthwhile, and the indoor grow system can last for a long time. Ultimately, all of the options we surveyed will get you a relatively solid bang for your buck in a small space.