An Indoor Tiny Farm for Your Home

Abby is committed to changing the way of life of human beings and improving people's quality of life, and is committed to making people eat safe and secure food. This fully automated hydroponic grow box looks like a household refrigerator, with a height of 48 inches, which is in line with the most comfortable height for the public. It occupies a small area and is easy to move. It can be easily placed in the living room or dining room. The main body of the fully automated hydroponic indoor grow box is the vegetable cultivation room, which adopts the most advanced hydroponics technology in the world and is clean and tidy. Smart automatic planting, with integrated sunlight simulator, water circulation system and climate controller, lays the foundation for growing robust vegetables.


1. The advantages of automated hydroponic grow box


Due to the difference in light requirements in the growth process of vegetables, Abby automated hydroponic grow box is based on this, and cross-set red light and blue light of different lengths to provide the most comprehensive light for vegetables, so that each vegetable can be adequately nutrients and light to ensure the healthy growth of each vegetable. The three-dimensional cultivation design according to the different growth stages of vegetables can use the space scientifically and effectively, and at the same time greatly shorten the ripening time of the dishes. You can harvest a robust leafy vegetable in 30 days, which is half the time compared to traditional planting.


The vegetables grown in the indoor grow box have the advantages of zero pesticide residues, zero antibiotics, crisp taste and high nutritional value. At present, a variety of vegetables and fruits can be grown, mainly sprouts and green leafy vegetables.


In the indoor grow box, the vegetables that have reached the harvesting period can be harvested, and only the larger leaves that are most suitable for consumption can be picked, so that the young plants can continue to grow, which greatly shortens the vegetable cycle.


2. Structural characteristics of Abby automated hydroponic grow box


The Abby automated hydroponic grow box is designed with a strong and durable tempered glass door, which is convenient for each member of the family to intuitively understand the growth of vegetables, shortens the distance between us and vegetables, and adds moving vitality to family life. In order to facilitate the adjustment of the vegetable growing environment, the uppermost part of the growth box is the operation area, the display screen displays the environmental conditions of vegetable growth in real time, and the control knob is easy to grasp. The Abby indoor grow box adheres to the principle of energy saving and low consumption. The LED lights used are energy-saving lamps specially used for plant growth, which can minimize the consumption of electricity. The growth process adopts a recyclable water device, which saves 90% of water compared with ordinary cultivation. Environmental protection, energy saving and high quality are the unique "charm" of Abby indoor grow box.


The Abby automated hydroponic grow box is one of the best fully automated hydroponic grow system to take care of your plants and provide maximum yield. Our Smart Home Grow Box is a complete climate-controlled indoor growing system with smart algorithms to make growing at home easier. Welcome to consult.

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